"A great, brief example of travel writing! This compares favorably with the best work of Paul Theroux and Bruce Chatwin." - Goodreads Review, 9/15/17

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Patrick’s voice rose as the night went on but our chosen topic never wavered - the vagaries of doing business in Myanmar. “You sound like you have a nice job. That’s good. But there’s always a way out, a way to do something bigger and better. If you work for me, you’ll be a millionaire within a year.”
            “It doesn’t matter! A millionaire. One year. I guarantee it.”
            “But I don’t know anything about building roads.”
            “Come on, man! I’m not talking about building roads. That shit doesn’t matter.” Patrick’s eyes darted from bartender to bartender. “See this wait staff right here? In ten years they’ll be worth a quarter million dollars. Maybe more.” I wasn’t sure what that meant but his next statement was lucid. “There’s a small window to take advantage of this place. It’ll close soon, so you need to be ready. This is that moment.” He beckoned at one of the bartenders. “Excuse me,” he said. “Can we get some champagne? A bottle of champagne?”
            The bartender nodded and brought over a chilled bottle in a wine bucket, filling two flutes and placing them next to our cocktails. Patrick smiled and threw ten dollars on the bar. I circled back to the prior conversation, “Okay, but I’m really not sure I’d know what to do.”
            My ignorance was too much for him. “You’re already doing it, man!” he bellowed. “You’re at this bar, aren’t you? You’re in this country, right? Don’t make things harder than they have to be. And you met me. There’s a small network of people that make this world work, they’re the ones that make everything go. If you’re in that network, you’re good. I’m in that network. You can be in that network. Easy.”